Hey, I’m Emily.

I help ambitious but overwhelmed leaders & founders in Web 3 find balance & confidence, so they can thrive in their career or business.

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Mission: Help all women thrive in Web 3

To achieve this huge mission, I realized we need to support not just women but also men and non-binary in this industry, to create real balance and compassionate leadership. I am pulling out all the stops and aim to help as many people as possible through in the process.

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Leadership & Business Coaching with Emily

I help ambitious but overwhelmed leaders and founders in Web 3, gain balance & confidence, so they can thrive in their career or business.

This is for you if… you’re tired of being tired af, questioning if you're good enough and constantly killing yourself at work. It doesn't have to be this way, and I know because that was me 5 years ago. I learned how to change my behaviours and found my purpose, and you can do it too.

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I wish 7 years ago when I started marketing in this space, that I’d had someone to lean on, to guide me in the best direction, to help me understand how to manage the constantly changing business goals and marketing tactics and get my bosses and founders to actually sign-off on my ideas. I learnt the hard way, but now I have deep knowledge and experience from making all the mistakes, and figuring it out, so you don't have to.

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Web 3 and Thrive Podcast

The Web 3 and Thrive Podcast is designed to give women working and building in Web 3, the confidence, knowledge and clarity needed, to thrive.

Emily shares the strategies and tactics she uses, to stay sane and succeed as a leader in Web 3 ( yes, both IS possible!)

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Web 3 and Thrive Podcast

Follow along with host, Emily Rose Dallara and her guests, as they discuss proven strategies and tactics you can use, to become a confident and successful woman, working or leading in Web 3. Without having to sacrifice the good stuff….