Hey, I’m Emily.

I help ambitious but overwhelmed leaders & founders in Web 3 and Tech thrive, without the burnout.

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed and just need to get sh*t done? Grab my 5 step focus process.

    Mission: Help all women thrive in Web 3

    To achieve this huge mission, I realized we need to support not just women but also men and non-binary in this industry, to create real balance and compassionate leadership. I am pulling out all the stops and aim to help as many people as possible through in the process.

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    Leadership & Success Coaching with Emily

    What if I told you that in just 90 days, you can regain control of your time and energy to finally create a career or business that excites you, not exhausts you?

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    Creating the best Web 3 Leaders.

    Compassionate and actionable leadership coaching and mentorship for leaders, founders and their teams. Web 3 is overwhelming sometimes, I know first hand, and I am here to help your leaders succeed in the chaotic Web 3 and crypto industry

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    Web 3 and Thrive Podcast

    The Web 3 and Thrive Podcast is designed to give anyone working and building in Web 3, the confidence, knowledge and clarity needed, to thrive.

    I share the strategies and tactics I use, to stay sane and succeed as a leader in Web 3 ( yes, both IS possible!)

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    Web 3 and Thrive Podcast

    Follow along with host, Emily Rose Dallara and her guests, as they discuss proven strategies and tactics you can use, to become a confident and successful woman, working or leading in Web 3. Without having to sacrifice the good stuff….