Hello, I’m Emily Rose Dallara…

I’m an AC Accredited leadership and mindset coach, who uses a Holistic Growth Coaching method to help overwhelmed leaders thrive, without the burnout. I am also host of Web 3 and Thrive podcast, CEO & Co-founder of Payant.io and Board Advisor to multiple other impact projects in the space. I was also selected as a Top 100 'Women of The Future' in 2022.

Since 2016 I have been a leader, supporting teams and leaders in Web 3 and financial cryptocurrency products since 2016.

I led marketing teams for crypto exchanges like Liquid Exchange (now part of FTX) taking user retention from 10% to over 60% and Head of Product Marketing at OKX Global and AAX Global + more. But, as much as that sounds impressive….I always felt out of place, like I was an imposter looking in, about to be found out as a fraud.

I worked over time, constantly second guessing my knowledge and skills- always feeling unheard and doing everything possible to be respected and seen, in a sea of men and loud, more experienced ( or at least I thought) voices.

Because of this, I was ignoring the creeping signs of burnout.

The hair loss, the exhaustion, the depression and anxiety- the irritability with those closest to me. I also started to lose the passion I had for Web 3– what used to excite me , now was just an additional overload to my already maxed out senses. I loved leading and building teams, but meh – that just became too much, too.Body:

….After 7 years, I was just so goddamn tired of working with dysfunctional projects and businesses, with no proper hold on HR, operations or financial planning, zero transparency and communications, micro-managing founders, and the worst, zero compassion or trust- you know that feeling when literally, you have to work to prove your worth every day. If you’re in Web 3, this will sound very familiar- you probably experienced at least some of this too.

So when I did reach the absolute bottom and decided- enough was enough, I stopped everything

I had just been layed off from my role as a CMO during the latest bear market and it was an absolute blessing.

I took the time to reconnect with myself. I took personality tests, had sessions with my spiritual healer, bought crystals and took courses to understand which direction to take next.

The one thing I was sure of though, was to make sure other women in crypto and web 3 and the wider tech industry, didn’t have to deal with the shit I had to…like, ever.

So I hired an amazing coach, who helped me set and meet multiple goals, around one core mission: help all women in web 3, thrive. 

The goals looked like this: to became a qualified EMCC coach, launch a podcast and collaborate with other females and non-binary in the space to reduce silos and gain strength moving forward together as a force.

and really….my life changed.

I had clarity that what I was doing was exactly what I was meant to be doing ( because I had put the reflective work in to find out!)

I filled knowledge gaps,-- to understand how to fulfill my mission as a coach, how to set up a podcast and where to build meaningful business relationships, and finally, I got the confidence to be me, and naturally everything else fell into place ( as it always does!)

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