Breaking Barriers: How Blockchain is Opening Doors for Black Women in Tech

Show Notes

Imagine a world where transparency, integrity, and accountability form the backbone of technology. With Olayinka, we explore this reality in the realm of blockchain and crypto, discussing their evolution and the transformative power they hold. We touch on the significant ICO craze of 2016, and how it has flung open the doors of opportunity for the global south, fostering an unprecedented sense of camaraderie and dismantling financial barriers.

But what about inclusivity and empowerment in this burgeoning industry?

We tackle this and more with a look at the praiseworthy initiatives of the Black Women's Blockchain Council.

This council is tirelessly educating and empowering Black women in the crypto space while advocating for conducive regulations. Oli also shares her personal investing journey and candidly discusses the wealth-building challenges faced by her community.

Tune in and be part of this enriching conversation.

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I love how Emily breaks things down for anyone to understand. Easy to listen to and very informative. I would very much recommend this to anyone starting out on their Web3 journey.

Emily’s pod is a great listen for anybody navigating the web3 space - or even any female entrepreneur who wants real insight and perspective about the workplace. Emily has a lot of knowledge to share and her style makes it feel like you’re getting the inside scoop and advice from a friend. It’s been a big support to me so far :-) thanks for sharing, Emily!!

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