It's not all sunshine and rainbows working in web 3

Show Notes

I share how I fell into the habits I thought I had unlearned-  a cycle of self-doubt, and comparisonitis, despite being a coach who helps others deal with these issues every day.

This week made me really question whether building multiple businesses is taking me away from my true passion of coaching and podcasting.  Until I had a conversation with another coach who helped me ' self coach' through it. This is a great one for anyone in web 3 who wants clear questions and tactics they can use to get them back on track during those ' messier weeks'.

Introduction - 0:00

Discussing booth improvements - 0:34

Question for listeners about how they feel in Web three - 1:25

Personal feelings of being energized and focused - 2:03

Discussion of a messy week with fear, doubt, confusion, and comparisonitis - 2:44

Passion for coaching and helping others - 5:25

Checking in on the moon cycle and its impact on moods - 6:48

Argument with Antoine about work-life balance - 8:07

Comaparison challenge - 14:28

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I love how Emily breaks things down for anyone to understand. Easy to listen to and very informative. I would very much recommend this to anyone starting out on their Web3 journey.

Emily’s pod is a great listen for anybody navigating the web3 space - or even any female entrepreneur who wants real insight and perspective about the workplace. Emily has a lot of knowledge to share and her style makes it feel like you’re getting the inside scoop and advice from a friend. It’s been a big support to me so far :-) thanks for sharing, Emily!!

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