The Guide to Mastering Delegation

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If so, tune in as I demystify the art of delegation in this episode of the Web 3 and Thrive podcast.

We'll explore why delegation is a critical skill for leaders in the rapidly evolving emerging tech and web 3 space.

In this episode, get ready to burst through those misconceptions and fears associated with giving away control and learn how effective delegation can positively influence your team dynamics and personal work-life balance.

I share real-life examples and practical advice to help you navigate the delicate process of delegation.

Learn how to identify tasks for delegation, choose the right person for the job, and overcome the hurdles of overworking and burnout.

So plug in and take some work off your plate.


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I love how Emily breaks things down for anyone to understand. Easy to listen to and very informative. I would very much recommend this to anyone starting out on their Web3 journey.

Emily’s pod is a great listen for anybody navigating the web3 space - or even any female entrepreneur who wants real insight and perspective about the workplace. Emily has a lot of knowledge to share and her style makes it feel like you’re getting the inside scoop and advice from a friend. It’s been a big support to me so far :-) thanks for sharing, Emily!!

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