It's not all sunshine and rainbows working in web 3


Introduction - 0:00

Discussing booth improvements - 0:34

Question for listeners about how they feel in Web three - 1:25

Personal feelings of being energized and focused - 2:03

Discussion of a messy week with fear, doubt, confusion, and overwhelm - 2:44

Passion for coaching and helping others - 5:25

Checking in on the moon cycle and its impact on moods - 6:48

Argument with Antoine about work-life balance - 8:07

Hey everyone, how is it going? I am back in my new booth recording, trying to get things right. Um, still haven't decided how to make it look good, but I'm getting lots of suggestions from everybody.

So I'm gonna start making a list of things I need to buy and make this place look good. I also. A perfectionist, which I'm working on, and I just wanna have the sound amazing. So I'm like, do I need a new arm for the microphone? Do I need a new cable? Do I need a new pop filter? Everything. It's a lot . So I'm gonna leave it and I am speaking with my editor.

Hi Alex. And he is helping me to figure out what I need, what I don't need, and he's the one who has helped me to get the ideas for this booth and everything. So thank you Alex. So I'm gonna leave that there and not get too stressed about it for the rest of the week. I feel like we are getting there slow.

So I wanna ask you a question. How are you feeling, working or being in Web three today? Just tell me one word, or if you're not working in Web three and you're listening to this podcast, tell me one word to describe how you're feeling in general, whether it's great or like Ma , one of my words. I, I'm so glad that you're here listening today because this is gonna help you.

Here's how I am. I'm feeling energized. I'm feeling focused, and I managed to get myself out for a run again this morning, and I had cuddles with the ducks this morning in bed, and I love them so much, but it hasn't been this way all week. It's been a fucking messy week. Seriously.  and speaking to most people in my circle.

It's also been a messy week for them too. What I mean by messy is every day I've woken up, I've had a plan, and then nothing's gone to plan. I have started having a lot of fear, a lot of self-doubt, a lot of confusion, a lot of overwhelm actually, even though I'm literally the one who helps other people get through overwhelm, which is crazy.

I have all these tactics and tools that I use.  and I just could not get myself out of it. I was sat there dreading what was to come. I was dreading all of these different businesses I'm building, and I was like, Do I really wanna build all these businesses? All I wanna do is coach. All I wanna do is record podcast episodes and talk to you guys.


That is my passion. My strongest why is to help other people who are in situations like me who are leading, companies who are founded, companies who are struggling right now, who are doubting themselves, who, who fully insecure, who have imposter syndrome, who are sat on their bloody phones till midnight worrying that if they don't reply to their boss right now, they're gonna get.

that's who I wanna help. And by doing that, I'm able to feel fulfilled. That's all I want. That's all I want, is to feel fulfilled and like I'm having an impact on the world. So by building all these other businesses. So I have Payon, which is amazing, and Payon is launching in March. We just launched the wait list.

But is that taking me away from my passion? As much as it feeds into everything and it's part of the ecosystem, am I doing the right? So, as you can imagine, it was back and forth, back and forth, couldn't shake it at all, and all I was doing was sat on freaking LinkedIn. Oh my God, my post isn't doing as well as it usually does.

Like it was a real cycle. It was not good. I couldn't check it. And I was texting Regan like Regan's my BFF in web three and I was like, what's going on Regan? I dunno what to do with my life. And she was like, oh my God. The same, like she's struggling with the same kind of stuff. I speak to other women. In my industry, they're having a same kind of week.

What is in the water, guys? What is going on? And because I'm a big believer in the way the moon impacts us, I was like, right, let me check where are we at in the moon cycle? And so are in a new moon. And the new moon does impact our moods and emotions, especially if you're a woman. So , that gave me a bit of, not relief, but it, it gave me a bit of an answer, right?

We're all kind of feeling the same. I also had a big argument with Antoine. He'd gone out, he'd spent time with friends and I was just cracking on, I was at home with the doggies. I'd made my dinner. I was, um, learning a few bits and pieces from the cost that I'm taking. I was, um, I think I was setting up some software for my emails that are gonna start coming out.

If you're, you're joining my email list. And I was pretty happy, chilling. And then he came in and said, I think we talk about work too much. I, I think you don't have a work-life balance. And I was like, how dare you? How dare you tell me? I don't have a work-life balance. I don't need a work-life balance. I'm totally fine.

I don't feel like I have a problem. I feel like I'm sleeping well, I'm eating well. I'm very happy. I love my work. How dare you tell me this? I got really defensive. Very defensive and we talked back and forth, back and forth and I was like, you know what? I'm gonna go and journal on this. I'm gonna go meditate because I'm obviously reacting in a way that's not serving us and I need to go and think about things.

And so I realized that his right , I have been so obsessed with getting things absolutely right and the perfectionism comes up in me all the time that I have been. Not spending enough quality time with Antoine. When we do spend time together, we actually, we have designated time to talk about Payant cuz he's my co-founder.

But outside of that talk, it's all about Web three and Thrive. It's about clients, it's about, um, what I'm doing next to the business. It's about this event, that event, this news, that news. And we are not talking about anything that interests us. We're not doing.  that interests us. We're not going to the museums we love.

We're not going to the art galleries we love. We're not cooking the things that we love. We're just going through the days and I'm living in my own little bubble, not really thinking about how it's impacting someone else. So I went away and had to think about it. And to be honest, I was just angry and I felt totally lost because someone was telling me that they're not happy with how I'm living, but I'm totally fine with.

Rolling out, if that makes sense. Apart from this whole week where I was feeling totally lost. This argument kind of triggered everything, and so I just didn't know what to do. I was like, okay, you've brought this up and I don't feel like I know the answer. I don't know the solution. I don't know how I can give you back time.

I don't know how I can stop talking about business because I freaking love it. Right? It lights me up. And so I felt like this until I had a conversation with a guy that I know he's also a coach, and I had a chat with him about a retreat that he's hosting because I really just want to go and switch off everything.

Um, no, no devices, no internet, no LinkedIn, no TikTok. I just wanna go and be quiet. And so that's why I was speaking to him and he said, is there anything I can help you with?  and I basically told him everything I said. I dunno what to do about the business. I dunno how to split my time. Even though I spend all my time helping other people split their time and have a work-life balance.

I do it very well for other people. I usually do it very well for myself. What's going on? What's out of alignment here? And so he asked me the question that I ask all my clients actually, what are you really scared of?  and the answer that came up immediately was, I'm scared of failing whilst doing something that I love so much.

Usually I don't give a shit. . If I get fired, if I get laid off, if I don't succeed in something I don't really care about, I don't give a fuck. But I love coaching so much. You don't understand. Every time I come off a coaching call with another amazing woman who's like making breakthroughs and building a better life, because of our conversations, I am energized.

Like I feel so much joy in fulfillment and I'm just so happy to have helped that other person and doing this podcast. I could record podcasts and talk to you.  all day, and I realized I was terrified that if I don't do it like this and I don't constantly work with new clients and I don't constantly plan the podcast and market it, it's gonna fail because that's the only way I've used to work in the past.

I've worked a lot, a lot, a lot, and then built a life that I didn't really want. We also realized that part of this fear. That I'm responsible for other people. So I've hired a lot of people like you will have seen from my LinkedIn posts, and I'll do another post about it because these people helped me so much, but I felt responsible and I felt if I fail, How can I also help these other people?

And so basically what he said to me was, you're putting other people way before yourself and the only way to help other people is to help yourself first. And I was like, I fucking know . I know this. Like I tell other people this. I literally think I spoke about it in a podcast. And he was like, okay, so how can you do it?

And then, Conversation I had with him. We also realized that I'd fallen into the trap of comparisonitis, as my coach calls it, and this was driving this fear. Everyone in Web three, LinkedIn seems to have so much traction. Everyone's got loads of comments on the post. Everyone's featured by the LinkedIn news team.

Everybody is at events. Everybody is like doing everything. How do they have the time and energy to do it all? And why can't I do it? And he said to me, what would you ask your clients in this situation? And I was like, wait, let me have a think about this. I said, if somebody came to me with this same issue, I would ask them, what is the truth?

How do we know that these people on LinkedIn, R, as successful as you think they are? , are they making money? Are they just throwing things against the wall and helping for the best? How many years? Like I've said before, how many years do they have compared to you? Right? Are they five years ahead of you?

Are they two years? Are they one year ahead? Is it a fair comparison? I was like, no, it's not, because a lot of these people have been on LinkedIn a long time, and I only started LinkedIn in September, and he was like, right. And I said, the other question that I would ask my clients is, what about these people makes you admire them enough that you are comparing your own actions to theirs?

What can you learn from them? And then it clicked. , I was like, this is the beauty of coaching. As I mentioned in the past episodes, all these things are focused on lack. All these things that keep coming up here is I don't have what they have. I am not as good enough as them. I don't have a super, super successful business.

I'm listening to podcasts that are making millions. Yeah, they've been doing it for eight years or 13 years. . So this is all the stuff that comes up in sessions with my coaching clients. I'm used to asking other people these questions, but when people ask me, I'm like, oh yeah, I'm doing the same thing. And I really believe that being an entrepreneur, and as you all know is, is literally up and down all the time constantly.

And so sometimes I don't have any of these problems. I never focus on that. Like I'm very grateful, I'm very compassionate and I'm very focused on what I do have. And then something I'll. Be thrown at me and I will be completely derailed and so. I'm getting a lot better at getting back on track and speaking to the people I need to speak to and reminding myself of all the work that I've done.

So after that conversation, I reviewed my action plan. I have a very straightforward action plan. I do this with all of my clients. I have a three month goal. I have a. . I have a six month goal and I have a one year goal, and that's it. I don't go further than that. And I have a very specific action plan that is like, do this, do this by this date, because you will feel like this when you achieve it.

And it's behind my monitor on my desk, and I see it all the time, and I'm just going through it. And every day I go through it, until I get into moods like this, until I go into weird weeks where I just don't know what to do. And the action plan does not serve me. So I checked if it was easy to follow and I checked if I should be doing anything else, I was like, you know.

I'm not linking this to my why enough, and you know how much I believe in finding your why and really following it. And I got really clear again on what my why was. And I reminded myself and I wrote it on a piece of paper. And on that piece of paper, it said, if you do not connect with these people, if you do not do these things,  that you say you're gonna do on your action plan, then you will not help the hundreds of thousands of people that you wanna help.

Now, is that something you want?  and I wrote that question and so now on the other side of my monitor, I have a sticky piece of paper saying, if you do everything on this action plan, you will number one, help all these other people. You will be living a life of fulfillment. You will have time and energy for your friends, your.

And so I kept writing down all these things that I'm gonna benefit from going through this action plan. And then the other side, it was like, these are all the things that you won't change if you don't go through the action plan. Simple as that. I fucking teach this stuff. I have a webinar called The Secret of Goal Setting, and I literally teach this stuff.

So I was like, I need to just use my own lessons and go through it again. And that's what I did. So I went back through everything, went through my why's, went back through all my goals, checked that it made sense, and I felt better. And then I just got cracking and I feel a lot better. And things are on track.

I've blocked out all my Mondays. I don't have calls on Mondays, and I blocked out half of my Fridays. So they are days when I can just super, super focus. So this is a quick lesson. To show that it's normal to slip up, especially because we work in such a crazy industry of Web three. We have crazy successes and we have really low lows.

So I have a challenge for you when you're on LinkedIn, scrolling, catch Yourself. So when you realize that you're scrolling, stop. So the first person you land on as you're scrolling through, stop and pick one thing you love about them and what they're saying and why. Screenshot that and send me a summary.

On dms and it'll instantly put you into a mindset of gratitude and compassion versus lack. And actually this is something that I just did this week, so you gotta tell me how you got on. And it really helped me to focus on all the good stuff that I can learn from these people. So go and do it. I hope that this is helpful.

As always, it's a bit of a brain dump and this is how I like to do podcasts. So let me know if you like the format. Um, your feedback is very, I'll see you next time.

So that's all I've got for you today. As always, thank you for listening. Don't forget to drop me a review and subscribe wherever you get your podcast and head on over to Instagram and TikTok at Emily and Web three for daily content to help you thrive in web three. Also, feel free to drop me a dm, a message, or a question.

I am here to serve you. See you next time.