You deserve to thrive.

What if I told you, there's a future you, who has stopped working 24/7, is leading with confidence, having greater successes, all whilst doing something that excites you, not exhausts you?  

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This is for you if...

You never feel good enough

👉That fucking annoying voice in your head keeps telling you that you "don't know anything"  that you're literally winging it, and you honestly have no idea how you managed to get this far.

👉 In fact, you spend most of your time trying to learn more of what you already know, in an attempt to feel like you know what you're doing.

You're overwhelmed af

👉You feel like you're constantly trying to keep your head above water at work or in your business, and all you want, is it be able to breathe.

👉You have no idea how to manage everything

👉 and you're constantly trying to set goals but never stick to them, because everything else is more important

You're honestly, exhausted

👉 You’re tired of waking up tired. Sleep is hard to get because your mind won't stop racing and catastrophizing.

👉 Tired of having your ideas scrapped in meetings because of the ever changing goalposts in your industry.

👉TBH you don’t even speak up in meetings anymore because you’re sure you’ll just get talked over anyway, and you have zero energy to fight for your values and what you know is right.

Anxiety is your only constant

👉 You feel sick every time you get a slack notification, but you can't turn them off.

👉 You desperately want to stop checking your phone first thing on a morning, and last thing before bed. It's not just driving you crazy, but also your partner, dog and kids.

👉 You're snappy and don't take feedback well. You wish you could be a better leader who looks after their team and protects them from stress, but honestly, when you feel like this, it's impossible to inspire and help anyone else.

If this sounds like you...keep reading 👇

You are not alone.

It’s really really tough being a leader or founder working in Web 3 or emerging tech sometimes, I know...because the above was me 5 years ago!

My lack of confidence drove me to sign up to courses that I could literally teach other people with my eyes closed. 

I was a people pleaser, working 24/7 to make sure my boss liked me, because I was a fake and if I could just convince them otherwise, I could keep my job as long as possible, until they found out.

I had the worsttttt Imposter Syndrome....

Fast forward through coaches, therapists, a spiritual awakening and becoming a coach myself… I am a lighter, confident and much more balanced and fulfilled Emily.

And now it’s my duty to pass on my vast knowledge and experience to you.

What can you expect from working with me? 

👉 Greater separation between work and life and to not feel so overwhelmed all the time.

👉 You'll finally feel good enough and have full clarity on your strengths and how to leverage them, whilst ‘making friends’ with your weaknesses.

👉 You’ll wake up energized, and motivated, because you’re able to set healthy boundaries around work and you’ve finally mastered the magic word, ‘No’.

👉 You have more time to spend doing things that actually bring you joy and purpose, like hanging out with your family and friends!

👉 Most importantly, you’ll be armed with the tools and skills you need to conquer any negative self-talk, or self-doubt that comes up.

This is DEFINITELY for you if:

You know that the way you're working is unsustainable and you don't want to wake-up a year or two from now and nothing has changed.

How do we do it?

My 4 step holistic growth coaching system is a mix of applied neuroscience and holistic coaching ( an adaptation of cognitive behavioural coaching, shadow work, and a 5 step focus method )

Attention audit and the vision

First we take stock of what’s going on in all areas of your life and work, your current routines, attention and energy and how that’s impacting you as a leader. Then we look ahead, where do you want to be and who do you need to be to do it? We get HYPER clear on that before we move forward.

Success strategy planning

Using my 5 step process we work to create a focused action plan: You'll understand where to set boundaries and non-negotiables and how to create healthy, manageable work flows and routines. You will walk away with an action plan to achieve your big goals and daily tasks and know what to do when you trip up.

Uncover the gremlins 

Next we get really clear on what’s below the surface, this is where we start to push boundaries and discover your deep set beliefs and fears. What fears are keeping you stuck? Self doubt? Shame? Scarcity?Here we start to develop unshakeable confidence in your skills and expertise and shift to a solution focused mindset.

Momentum & Accountability

Keeping up the energy, we execute the plan, coaching you through the troughs and peaks.
I’ll guide you to take consistent action, challenge your comfort levels and work towards competence mastery in your leadership role and overall life. You'll build self- accountability and resilience
and identify your support systems.

What's included?

1:1 sessions

You'll get a package of up to 20 online coaching sessions of 1 hour each ( package dependent), to be used within 3 or 6 months. They're flexible, so we can do every week or every other week. I’ll send you notes and next steps after our session– so you can fully focus on you.

Live Chat

Monday-Friday access to me on Whatsapp : positive reminders, fast support, and guidance when you need it most.


Templates, step-by-step plans, and exercises you can use in-between sessions to gain more insight and develop new habits to help you reach your goals, fast.

My Little Black Book

Access to my ‘Little Black Book’ of partners and their resources:I have a huge Web 3 network, if you need an intro to anyone to further enhance your career or business, I will know the right person. 

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